Tuesday, January 24, 2023

CYP4F2 is now fully curated by PharmVar

CYP4F2 contributes to the synthesis of cholesterol, steroids and other lipids. It has been shown to regulate the bioavailability of vitamin E and vitamin K, a co-factor that is critical to blood clotting. Variations in this important pharmacogene can affect vitamin K levels and thus, the dosing of vitamin K antagonists such as the widely used anticoagulant drug warfarin (CPIC level A and PharmGKB 1A evidence level) among others.

We are excited to announce that CYP4F2 is now fully curated by PharmVar and its gene page content reviewed by an international expert panel. Furthermore, the PharmVar Team has generated new data to provide a more comprehensive catalog of genetic variation of this gene. Not only have the two previously defined CYP4F2*2 and *3 now been fully characterized, several other novel haplotypes (or star alleles) have been identified and designated by PharmVar. Notably, the new and relatively commonly observed CYP4F2*4 allele has both sequence variants that otherwise define *2 (c.34T>G, W12G) and *3(c.1297G>A, V433M), respectively while the other three novel star alleles (CYP4F2*5, *6 and *7) are each characterized by a single amino acid change. Interestingly, CYP4F2*5 and *6 appear to be absent or rare in Asian populations; in contrast, *7 seems to be mostly present in African populations and their descendants. These new star alleles may contribute to unexplained variability in daily warfarin dosage requirements in non-White populations. We encourage the research and clinical communities to include this new knowledge in their investigations.

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