Friday, June 14, 2024

The PharmGKB Blog has transitioned to the ClinPGx Blog


We have a brand new blog platform: the ClinPGx Blog.

PharmGKB, CPIC and PharmCAT are transitioning to a unified resource under the ClinPGx umbrella and will subsequently publish news to the ClinPGx Blog. This is the last post made on this blog site; all future posts will be found on If you subscribe to announcements from the PharmGKB Blog, your subscription will be migrated to the new system automatically. You’ll also get the opportunity to sign up for announcements from other ClinPGx projects. More details are available on the ClinPGx Blog.

New blog posts will only appear on the ClinPGx Blog and previous PharmGKB Blog posts are also accessible there, so all posts can be obtained from one place. The PharmGKB Blog will remain online (but not updated) for as long as Blogger will allow. That means existing links to PharmGKB Blog posts will be maintained.

Thank you for your continued interest in PharmGKB, CPIC, PharmCAT and all the other projects we have written about on this blog. We are excited to keep sharing our work with you on the new ClinPGx Blog!